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The performance improvement process is a rigorous, systematic combination of several fundamental sub-processes that can be applied to individuals, small groups, and the whole organization. In our Practice of improving performance and competence, we…

Determine need or opportunity by investigating the difference between the current and the desired performances (the performance gap), by working with our clients to: 

  • Clarify outcomes, determine scope, and decide on how to best gather and analyze the data to determine the magnitude of the gap.
  • Report the findings with recommendations, so our clients can make informed decisions and set priorities about what actions to take. 

Determine causes and requirements by designing and conducting investigations to find out why a gap exists between the current and desired performances, by working with our clients to: 

  • Gather pertinent data on social, cultural, world, workplace, work, and worker factors that might be causing problems or presenting opportunities.
  • Interpret findings and make recommendation to offer our clients appropriate solutions that collectively will reduce or eliminate the gap between the current and desired performances. 

Design solutions including their implementation, maintenance, and evaluation by presenting our clients with: 

  • Features, attributes, elements, timing, resources, and feasibility, aligned to the identified factors.
  • Recommendations on how to sustain and monitor the improvements, so our clients can comprehend, choose, and commit to the best solutions. 

Ensure solutions’ conformity and feasibility by overseeing the development of the solutions and working with our clients to: 

  • Compare solution elements to the design specifications, developmentally test each element, and pilot test the overall solution for feasibility and functionality.
  • Oversee improvements and changes based on the results of the tests, so our clients reap the benefits of solutions that are developed to comply with the design. 

Implement solutions by developing strategies to sustain the change and working with our clients to: 

  • Develop messages that clients can use to communicate what is being done, why, and when.
  • Develop tools and feedback mechanisms to help monitor progress and address deviations from the plan, so clients and their stakeholders can own the entire change. 

Evaluate results and impact by developing a measurement strategy and guiding our clients to: 

  • Apply measurement methods and tools to collect, analyze, summarize, and leverage available data.
  • Facilitate discussions on what the resulting data mean so clients understand the results, recognize what else needs to be done to sustain those results, and support any necessary changes.

(Source: www.ispi.org)

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