How We Think

Increasing workplace performance requires a focus on results rather than just the solutions. Whether capitalizing on business opportunities or strategizing to solve problems, our Principles guide us to…
Focus on results, while remaining impartial, to help our clients:

  • Define the results they want and convert those results into measurable terms.
  • Stay focused, challenge assumptions, and analyze the worth of a problem in terms of costs, human energy, or risk.
  • Take a systemic view, combined with our expert consulting and communication skills, to help our clients:
  • Recognize the difference between symptoms and causes, the impact of misalignment of goals and practices, and the interdependencies between functions.
  • Analyze the relationship between internal practices and the marketplace and society and how decisions and misalignment affect the ability to be competitive.
  • Add value to the organization by facilitating better decision making, to help our clients:

Consider an appropriate range of solutions and metrics, including costs to design, develop, implement, and maintain each, along with the associated risks and implications before taking action.
Understand the likelihood of the adoption of new behaviors, the probability of achieving the desired goals, the implications or possible impacts on stakeholders, and the ability of the organization to sustain the solution.  Establish partnerships to help our clients:

  • Ensure the voices of all vested stakeholders are heard and integrated into the design of the solution.
  • Engage specialists as needed, give credit to everyone who contributes to the project, and foster open communication within and between groups.